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Friday Night Live is a youth development program that is based around community outreach, environmental prevention and healthy alternative activities. It is a state-wide program that… 

  • Promotes healthy lifestyles free from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD).  
  • Supports positive youth development by engaging our young people as active leaders.  
  • Trains young people to apply their leadership and life skills to become competent and involved citizens in their community.  
  • Involve youth in creating community and environmental change. 
  • Provide positive activities for young people to engage in healthy social settings and develop strong interpersonal relationships 

Riverside FNL is sponsored by the Riverside County Department of Mental Health along with California FNL Partnership in conjunction with Riverside County Office of Education. FNL Chapters are found in school across the state from Grade 4 to Grade 12. There are 3 levels of FNL…Friday Night Live Kids(Elementary), Club Live (Middle School), and Friday Night Live (High School).