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Meet Your Counselors

Who are School Counselors? 

  • A School Counselor is a licensed/certified professional holding a minimum of a Master's Degree and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential.

What is their role?

  • The role of a Professional School Counselor is to design and deliver school counseling programs that improve student outcomes. 
  • They lead, advocate and collaborate to promote equity and access for all students by connecting their school counseling program to the school’s academic mission and school improvement plan.
  • They uphold the ethical and professional standards of the American School Counseling Association (ACSA)  and promote the development of the school counseling program based on the following areas of the ASCA National Model: define, deliver, manage and assess.

What services are offered?

School counselors create school counseling programs based on three sets of standards that define the profession. These standards help school counselors develop, implement and assess their school counseling program to improve student outcomes.

Student Standards

Professional Standards

To learn more about the role of our counselors in the Moreno Valley Unified School District, please view our Counseling Handbook.

View Counseling Handbook

Meet the Counseling Team



Tina Arias

School Counselor

(951) 571-4700 X60042

Mrs. Arias

As the School Counselor at Towngate Elementary, I provide support services to enhance our students' academic, social and emotional development.  My goal is to provide students a model for the skills necessary to shine as exemplar Navigators here at Towngate and beyond.  I believe in collaborating with students, parents and staff in order to accomplish this goal.  Services typically offered through the Towngate counseling program include: 

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Schoolwide activities/events
  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Short-term group counseling
  • Teacher collaboration/consultation
  • 5th grade Student Leadership Club
  • Referrals to community resources