Gomez, Jessica

Hello My Name Is...

Jessica Gomez

I am one of the 3rd grade teachers here at Towngate. I am excited about the new year and look forward to seeing how much students grow in their academic career.

This year my students are very excited about what we are doing in science! Right now we are learning about plants, what they need to grow, their structures, and adaptations. 

Later on in the year students will be learning about planets, soilds/liquids/gases, and animal adaptions ending in an endangered animal project which students will be making google slide presentations.
Robot Dog.pngWe do a lot in this class with technology. Students will be working on their typing skills as well as writing papers in the google classroom. They will be able to create google slides using the classroom as well. By the end of the year students will be proficient on how to use web browsers, logins, and able to write papers using their tech skills.
Ruler And Calculator.png
Math in 3rd grade is challenging. For most this would be the first time they see multiplication, division, and fractions. Together we will get through it, so never fear! This is the year to build a strong foundation, so that the struggle and frustration is less in the later years.

I am truly thankful that I am apart of the Towngate team! The staff here is awesome and goes above and beyond for each and every one of our students. By doing so, we at Towngate help every student succeed in reaching their potential.